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GHOSTBOND Glowup 1.3oz

GHOSTBOND Glowup with Sythergion Adhesion Technology

Revolutionize Your Bonding Experience with Unparalleled Strength and Durability

Innovative Synthergion Adhesion Technology: At the heart of GHOSTBOND Glowup lies our cutting-edge Sythergion Adhesion Technology. This breakthrough innovation offers superior bonding strength, ensuring a reliable and long-lasting hold like never before while being able to be peeled off after use without leaving an adhesion residue on the skin.

Ultra-Strong, Yet Gentle: We understand the importance of a product that is both powerful and gentle. That’s why GHOSTBOND Glowup is formulated to provide robust adhesion without compromising on safety. It’s suitable for a wide range of materials, ensuring a strong bond without causing damage or wear.

Easy Application, Effortless Cleanup: Say goodbye to messy, complicated bonding processes. GHOSTBOND Glowup is designed for convenience, with an easy-to-use formula that applies smoothly and cleans up effortlessly. Achieve professional results with minimal effort.

Versatile and Reliable: GHOSTBOND Glowup is not just a product; it’s a solution. Whether you’re a professional or decide to use at home, this adhesive is versatile.

Ingredients: Acrylates Copolymer, Aqua (Water), Propylene Glycol

Price : €9.99


Classix II 1oz

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