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Dermal Loc 7.4oz

Dermal Loc is a water based copolymer wig adhesive that has been designed with the poly system in mind. Pro Hair Labs have developed this particular cosmetic bonding product to come out of the bottle white, making it easy to see where the application has been made. Despite this, it will dry completely clear, becoming invisible beneath the hair system yet gripping it securely in place.

As with all Pro Hair Labs products, you can expect Dermal Loc to put safety first. This hair adhesive has been developed with the help of specialist surgical adhesive chemists, making best use of all the modern cosmetic bonding knowledge they have to bring you a high performance, skin kind poly wig adhesive that won’t let you down.

Ingredients: Acrylates Copolymer, Aqua (Water)

Price : €45.00


Classix II 1oz

1oz (30ml)